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  • 1: post a selfie?
  • 2: do you wear makeup? what makeup do you put on?
  • 3: do you prefer dark or light haired guys/ girls?
  • 4: what's your favorite song at the moment?
  • 5: what was the last song you listened to?
  • 6: do you have a tumblr crush?
  • 7: who is your tumblr crush?
  • 8: what are you doing right now?
  • 9: do you have any siblings?
  • 10: what's you ethnicity?
  • 11: what's your favorite subject in school?
  • 12: what's your favorite color?
  • 13: what's your favorite sports team?
  • 14: what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
  • 15: when did you make your tumblr?
  • 16: how many followers do you have?
  • 17: do you like where you live?
  • 18: is your room super messy or really clean?
  • 19: do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • 20: do you prefer pens or pencils?

4-minute coverage of current weather.

Excuse Swedish xD

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It’s thundering outside (mostly lightning, no sound, really) and it’s SO pretty ;w;

It’s been going on for about two hours, too—!

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[[☁♞ AU]]

3. Eyelid

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The evening had become a kind of jumbled blur for him. 

He remembered having been set to organize cold case files for the evening, when a senior officer — his name eluded him, now, but they’d seen each other on occasion — knocked raptly on the doorframe to catch his attention, then asked Hibari to accompany him on a patrol round.

Now, he wasn’t generally supposed to be out in the field — as an intern, most work focused on papers, not actual people — but it happened once in a while. Not wanting to miss out on such an opportunity, Hibari had, quite readily, agreed. It was just patrol, after all. Depending on his luck, nothing would happen at all.

So what had actually happened?

He remembered a group of young men — perhaps around his own age, perhaps older, perhaps younger (his memory really hadn’t taken any note of this particular fact) — loitering around a closed supermarket. He remembered following the officer out of the car to approach them.

It was what happened after that which made him now — an hour later — frown in thought. He remembered a shout, remembered recoiling back at a quick movement, then pain blossoming up in his right shoulder. Another sound, and one of the young men fell back, at about the same time that Hibari collapsed to his knees, hand moving to his shoulder only to encounter wetness, a heavy, coppery scent feeling his senses.


He’d never been shot before, and frankly, he did not want to make a habit of it. The conclusion of the event was left to the senior officer — he’d only briefly heard ‘killed’, so he suspected the shooter was the man he’d seen crumble to the ground — while he’d been in a state of what he supposed was shock until the medics arrived. 

Hibari had been lucky, or so they said. It had gone through, but it had only caused damage to the clavicle, which left healing to be a moderately easy procedure. Moderately. It still included staying off anything too straining for a few weeks. The report had been called in by the senior officer, and he’d been told — upon having been escorted to the chief’s office after first aid — that his family had been informed.

That had startled him, a touch, but he’d nodded mutely even so. It was standard procedure, after all… But Kyoya would likely be quite upset with him.

Talking with the chief wasn’t as tense as he had thought. The man asked questions, sure, but he seemed mostly concerned for his wellbeing. He’d explained — three times, probably — that he was in no pain anymore, though of course that could simply be the medicines speaking. He also described the situation as best he could, and twice.

Both times he came up short immediately after having gotten shot. It blurred together, and it irritated him. Not that he let it show, but it served as a reminder that he still had ways to go to be good enough for actual fieldwork.

He’d just been about to voice his concerns regarding that, when the door suddenly burst open. Hibari blinked, shifting his gaze at the same time as the chief, to fall on the teen in the doorway.

Kyoya looked, in lack for other words, absolutely distraught.

That in itself was enough to stun Hibari to silence, even as his brother walked up to him, grey eyes quickly darting over him, landing on the bandages, then him, then back to the bandages. He had almost found his voice when the younger moved closer still, pressing his head into his, then seemed to relax a fraction as if just figuring out he was actually there.

Hibari let his expression soften a touch, then, realizing just how worried his little brother had been. He waited, then, to allow the teen a little time, just blinking once at the light kiss. 

Really worried, then. How adorable. For once, those words didn’t hold an ounce of teasing, even in his mind. He could understand, in a way. How many times had he gotten calls from school regarding Kyoya; enough to make him feel his heart leap to his throat and his thoughts and imagination to run wild with him before he could rein them in?

Surely that must have been nothing to getting the news of him having been shot— Hibari knew he, himself, would have likely lost it in worry. As such, despite the uncharacteristic actions, he could understand them, and thus did not point them out in any teasing manner, instead merely gave the teen a small smile. 

"Sorry for worrying you." The words were softly spoken, yet sincere. He never did wish to worry his younger brother, and he certainly hoped this would not make the teen worry needlessly whenever he went to work.

After all, if this happened while he was just an intern working evenings— what would he expect once he became a full-fledged officer?

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Online for a little while before work— Gonna try replying to the AU kiss me meme-thread from Rina because adorable ;w;


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Daww hopefully the rping will help -pets- Precious Nene ;u;

I hope so too ;A; All this madness with the floods are messing with my head ;A;

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