So I need to get some money in for various reasons, but I still have to work a lot (albeit much fewer hours than I need, hahaha—) and so I figure I should focus on doing some (quicker) sketch commissions~!

Simply put, I’ll do semi-clean sketches for the prices above, with samples as shown above. All orders go via email. Payments are done via paypal. Prices are per character; additional characters cost $5 each, no matter size.

‡Will do‡

  • OCs (with reference)

  • Fanart (if the character is unfamiliar to me, I will ask for references)

  • Avatar art (for sites such as GaiaOnline)

  • Male & Females

  • Children (note though that my forte is with characters between age 15 and 25 (approximately))

  • Animals (once more, my forte is humans, but I can draw animals with reference with varying result)

  • Boy’s Love/Girl’s Love/Romance

  • Animal features on character (Wings, tails, ears, etc)

  • Armor/jewelry/weaponry/complicated clothing designs (might lead to extra charge, and references will be needed)

‡Won’t do‡

  • Mecha (armor and weapons are alright, but I am not comfortable nor very good at drawing robots)

  • Full anthro

  • old characters (that is, physically old-looking, as I am not good at drawing this)

  • Chibis (not a style I’m particularly good at)

  • Mature content (excessively gory or sexual)

I may also do palette commissions based on the 100 palette challenge. Give me a palette and character and I’ll do a headshot/half-body in that palette for $15. It may end up looking something like this.

Any questions? Throw them my way~! I’m hoping to be able to do five-ten of these at a time, so the slots are semi-limited of sorts???

I’m the person that reads your tags.

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I hope so too… But most of all, I am annoyed at the people who sold the house to us; they withheld information and lied to our face; because floodings like this is apparently a thing that has happened a LOT to this house…

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So our basement flooded

Like. Flooded. With water coming out of the drainage pipes. Damages to walls, floors, and furniture.

Time to do calls to insurance companies…

I hate being an adult, sometimes.

Send me a symbol for what you think I could work on in my writing... Explain
  •  ✐ -- Descriptions
  •  ☄ -- Characterization
  •  ✁ -- Writing out fighting scenes
  •  ☂ -- Writing out sexual scenes
  •  ☁ -- Writing out angst scenes
  •  ☺ -- Dialogue
  •  ☝ -- Thinking of ideas
  •  ✦ -- Writing out characters thoughts


I swear I’m not even two minutes in and I couldn’t resist.

Reblog if you role play a male character

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My muse has been in an accident, leaving them permanently blind. What does your muse say when they see mine?

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needed this. Always need this <33333333

I sincerely apologize to everyone who followed me thinking I was a good and quality blog.

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When you RP with people and their posts are like fucking Shakespeare and yours are basically I CAN COUNT TO POTATO

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Hilda is DEFINITELY a cat. She wants us to go to bed. I think we have to oblige~

Don’t ever be afraid to RP with me.


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TRACK: Enamel (cover, rough draft)


Yeah, so I want to cover this song SO badly. Sadly, I have yet to fully learn the lyrics, so it becomes a little uncertain at times but— yeah, first draft of sorts? (I’ll do a more serious session in the beginning of next week, when I have more time)

Please tell me what you think? ;w;

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